At Bright Future Secondary School, we believe in creating opportunities for all students to pursue their educational goals. To support and recognize outstanding academic achievements, we offer scholarships in the form of tuition fee waivers. Merit Based Scholarships Category 100% GPA 3.90 4.00 75% Tuition Waiver 50% 25% SEE GPA 3.80 -3.89 GPA 3.70 -3.79 GPA 3.60 GPA 3.69 Entrance Exams 2 Students in each stream Terminal Exams First Position Holder Second Position Holder Third Position Holder Not Applicable Class XI NEB Exam 2 Students in each stream Please Note: All students should maintain at least 60% in all Terminal Examinations, HISSAN, and Pre-Board Examinations for continuation of the Tuition Waiver. All scholarships are applicable in tuition fees only and students can get only one scholarship. Need Based Scholarships Discount Schemes Pupils of staff members of Bright Future Secondary School Municipality Scholarships: As per government rule. Gender Based Scholarships: 100+ tuition waiver for needy female students Financial Aid: 25% to 50% tuition waiver for needy and deserving students as per academic performance. Condition: All students should maintain at least 60% in all examinations for continuation of the tuition waiver.